About Me

About Me

Hi, my name is Mervik Haums and I have started working on ‘my own ideas’ in 2008 when I was about to finish my post graduation. It was during my final semester and I had to submit a project. I’ve got the idea to work in the IT industry, then. I started NewGenre Business Solutions in March 2003 as a small level offline data outsourcing service in Madras, India which later emerged to a Web Development, Search engine optimization and Business branding service provider. Currently I work with a team on various business development and branding projects. That’s the short story.

Thats how I’m a very ordinary guy with the most extra ordinary tales behind.

My entry to the web world was a ‘mistake’. YES. I was one among the top students in school. But my performance (academical) graph was very down when I was finishing my graduation in Science (chemistry) a fall from 95% to 60%. My family could not afford to send me for higher studies, so I started working with a local news paper. After working there for six months I’ve decided to continue my studies (while working in part-time) and completed my Masters in Information Technology in 2008. Till joining there I had no idea to work on the web world or starting something following my ‘own ideas’. But ‘unfortunately’ it happened before two years. Today, my services ranks in good positions and I have a proper team to work on various projects. NewGenre Business Solutions is now the #1 Rank service in Google for ‘Quality SEO Services’. It is a very competing and well emerging IT field and we do well in our rankings and the websites and services we work with.

The SEO Guy

Me? the seo guy? NewGenre Solutions was a small level data outsourcing service worked for an Australian publishing company. I had no idea about SEO or internet marketing at that time. The client come up with an offer that changed the entire thing. This was the offer – He was ready to pay me 40% of the registration payment for each person I refer to the company for their ‘offline bpo job’ (home based word typing). So I had to find ways for getting more candidates. I didn’t know how to rank my sites on Google for those keywords. So I started with classified websites and made lots advertisements. The result was not that bad. I had many registrations. Then my plan was to improve the number of registrations every month. Top position in Google for the related keywords was a necessity for this. So I started learning search engine optimization and with a constant work of three months my site was ranking #1 place in Google for both ‘online bpo jobs’ and ‘offline bpo jobs’. This made me confident, and I started offering SEO services as well. And that’s it. With in the first 3 months, I totally changed the service from a data managing services to a complete business solutions company stopping the contract with the publisher (my client) to completely focus on seo services alone. Its almost 3 years now. And now I feel good that I have taken a good decision..!! :)

Currently I am working on a plan to write about my experiments, experience and the successful strategies I follow to the other web masters and internet marketers. Till this day I have not entered to the internet marketing world ‘as my own’ – apart from providing branding and promotional services to my clients. I am waiting for the scheduled campaigns to be finished to start the process of writing the successful formulas I could find with my own experiments. I will publish it to the public once its ready. You can find more information regarding this on the Idea Center section of my blog.

To view the services offered at NewGenre Business Solutions you may refer the website. Click here to visit the website. To know more about other projects and web services started by NewGenre, Announcements, Updates etc. refer the NewGenre News Section.

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