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Hi there, it’s just my third month of Google+ activities and I’m absolutely in love with the platform. I’ve learned a lot within this short period of time and was able to connect to a lot of wonderful people.

I’m about to take this whole experience to a new level. Let’s build an awesome ‘Plus Insiders Circle’.

Plus Insiders? What is it?

Well, Google+ is a platform where active and aspiring entrepreneurs and small business people connect to each other. I’m building a small group of people to share my G+ and other online marketing strategies and discuss about it. What I do best is ‘selling things online’. Yes, I run my entire business online. I offer several services from Infographic Design to SEO; Marketing consulting to Software Development; Social Media to News Syndication. I’d like to interact with like minded people to better myself and to help them better themselves.

We will have active discussions on Google+ and I will do my best to come up with a weekly newsletter about how’s it going and what’s happening.

…and here is a welcome gift for being a ‘Plus Insider’, yes, absolutely FREE!

Google Plus Marketing Guide

Are you ready to join the ‘Plus Insider’s Circle?

Simply enter your name and email in the form given below, and you’re in :-)

Looking forward to talk to you soon.
Have a wonderful day!

Warm regards,
Mervik Haums



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A proud, blessed and ordinary human being from God's own country. Developer by accident; thinker/writer while wandering (I'm sorry, I do that a lot, lol); photographer while exploring new places; ...and a social media strategist when I'm on Google+ :-)

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