How to Reshare a Google+ Post in The Right Way and Why!

how to share on Google+Everybody knows how to reshare a post and this is definitely not a big topic. But not many are doing it in the right way.  Seeing a lot of ‘unhealthy’ reshares in my stream and to my own posts, I thought make a post for my circles showing how to do it properly.

Why Do We Reshare a Post?

To do the best on any social media platform, it is necessary to be active – by sharing excellent content once or twice (or even more) every day. But it is almost impossible to bring new content every day. So we reshare some of the awesome posts we come across in the stream. This way, we can keep our readers and followers engaged and keep our presence live on the platform. This is best known as content curation.

But, are you resharing posts in a proper way?

  • How and how many?

How! It’s pretty easy. You’re given a ‘share’ button with every post that appears in your Google+ stream. Simply click on the button, choose to whom you’d like to share it (public, extended circles or to a particular circle only) and click share, done.

But how many reshares a day? This is an important thing to consider. I’d not find it bad if you share a dozen of posts in a day. But if you’re going to share all these posts once, I’d not think twice to MUTE your stream, seriously. We’re here to see everybody’s posts. If you are going to bombard your circles with tons of posts, either they’d MUTE you or UNCIRCLE you. So be careful with your posts and reshares. The best practice is to do 3 to 4 posts/reshares a day, stretched well. I’m yet to do it perfectly. I find it hard to make more than 3 posts a day LOL!

  • Mention the original author when you reshare a post.

This is another important thing to take care of when you reshare a post. If you simply share a post, the author would still get a notification. But if that’s a reshare from another reshare, he may not even see a notification. So I highly recommend you to mention the original author.
Why is it necessary? Well, when you mention the author, you’re not just giving him credit for the post for an appreciation; you’re actually making a connection with him/her. They may check your stream and share your content if they find something interesting. I’m not saying it would happen, but there is a possibility.

  • Don’t simply share posts; add value to your reshare.

Making a Google+ shareAnother very bad practice (it’s my personal opinion) I’m seeing with reshares is, people simply click the button and reshare it. Why don’t you take a moment to go through the original post and contribute something with your post? Think about it. When you share someone else’s post, it’s not merely a reshare; you’re actually making a post to your followers and friends.

Or are you just re-sharing it for the sake of sending something to your followers so that they’d think you’re really engaging and active on Google+? Wrong wrong wrong!!

It’s great to give your own title when you re-share a post. Giving a short summary or something you liked in the original post makes your post more engaging and the reshare becomes a post of yours, and not just a reshare. This adds value to your overall presence on Google+.  I’d even say this is the best way to get circled back on Google+. This helps you connect to brilliant people and you’d definitely get more visibility to your future posts too.

Hope you find it helpful. Take a moment to circle me on Google+ and keep resharing!!! :-)

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