Beginner’s Guide To Google+ Notifications

Google+ NotificationsGoogle Plus Notifications, Meet Mr. Jingles!

“I’m the official G+ Notifications ‘mascot’ but I don’t like it when people call me that.” that’s what Mr. Jingles says about himself. Yes, he is the cheery notification bell with a cute face, who appears in the top right corner of your Google bar. He goes through all of your notifications and bring them up to you when you sign in to Google+. Every now and then, he does a fun little dance too :-)

What Kind Of Notifications Do You Get On Google+

You will receive notifications for the following events from those who are allowed to notify you.

⦁ A post is shared specifically with you or the sharer chooses to notify recipients.
⦁ You’re mentioned in a post or comment.
⦁ You’re invited to a hangout.
⦁ You’re tagged in a photo.
⦁ You’re invited to a community.
⦁ Follow up notifications from other’s posts that you’ve participated.
⦁ +1, comment & reshare notifications from your own posts.

Who Can Send You Notifications

On Google+, you will get notifications only from those people you decide you want to hear from; not everybody can notify you.

Google+ Notification Settings

You can find more on who’s allowed to notify you here:

To manage all your notification settings, including email and SMS notifications, visit the accounts page and customize it the way you want:

To know more about Google+ notifications, check this page from the official Google help center:

How To Check New Notifications

That’s quite simple. Every time you log in, Mr. Jingles would show you a red sign with the number of new notifications you’ve received in the top right corner of your Google bar.

New Google+ Notifications

How To See Previously Read Notifications

Simply click the ‘Previously read’ button in your notification area and the notifications you’ve gone through already would be listed there (figure shown below).

Check Previously Read Notifications

How To Control Notifications From Other Individuals

Whenever someone mentions your name inside the content of a post on Google+, or when they share a particular post to a circle where you’re included, you may receive a notification saying “Screen Name shared a post with you”. Sometimes it could be annoying if you get a lof of notifications of posts, that you’ve no interest. In such occasions you can ignore the person or page by clicking the MUTE button (as shown below) so that you will not receive further notifications from him/her. So, think twice before you share a post with a circle next time. :-)

How To Ignore Someone On Google+
Remember: If you hit the MUTE button to +Martin Shervington, you’re about to miss all the goodies of Google+ :-)

How To Check All Your Notifications In One Place

Most of us have a habit of clicking on a notification when we get one, and think to respond later. But when we actually get some time, the notification would be gone and it’s hard to find it again.

So, is there a way to see all your notifications?

Yes, there is a page on Google+ to go through all your notifications. The simplest way to check your notifications page is to visit:

You can also drag the ‘notification bell’ to your address bar, (give it a try ) or right click on the notification bell (Mr. Jingles) and open the link in a new tab/window to visit the same page.

All Google+ Notifications
You can find four notifications options there. The tabs allow you to check:

⦁ All your notifications
⦁ Notifications from your posts alone
⦁ Notifications from other’s posts that you had participated
⦁ Mentions of your Google+ name

Finding Posts That You’ve Ignored (Muted Posts)

Your ‘all notifications’ page mentioned above also includes those posts where you pressed the MUTE button. While going through the list you can see the muted posts with a red mark in it, like shown below.

How To Find Muted Posts
Well, you might know all these if you’ve been around here for sometime. A couple of days back, I found a post on PlusYourBusiness community, asking for some clarifications on the notification system. Thought I’d come up with a post explaining the things I know. Hope you find it useful.

If you’re new to Google+, take a look at my last infographic, Beginner’s Guide to Google+. Thank you and have a wonderful day.

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