Google+: The Best Traffic Source

Hi there, let’s take a look at the visitors analytics of my blog for the past week. I’d like to show this to people who keep saying Google+ can’t be considered as a valid traffic source. If you’re not getting visitors, it’s not because the platform isn’t good for it, but because of the fact that you’re doing it wrong.

How to build traffic from Google+

Why do I get so much traffic from Google+?

If I ask you to find it yourself, the one reason you may come up with could be ‘my engagement on Google+’. Yes, I love the platform and I’m very active there. But if it’s a platform with no active users, my engagement would do no good, isn’t it? So basically the reason is, it’s Google+. As for now, it has over 550 million active users and the number is going up every day.

One very good thing about Google+ is, your followers and friends actually get to see your posts. As you’d know, the organic reach of your posts on Facebook etc. platforms are very poor. You need to PAY them to share your posts with your friends who actually added you to see your activities. How interesting. This is one BIG reason why Google+ sends a lot of traffic. You can show your content to others and if that’s interesting they may visit your site. I hope Google would stick to its plan and never bring any evil ideas like that.

Btw, if you have nobody in your circles, obviously your posts would end up with zero audience. If you’re new here, I’ve an infographic to help you build audience on Google+. Take a look at this: Beginner’s Guide to Google Plus.

Why not many visitors from other networks?

Well, what I just said above answers this too. I don’t find other networks as interesting as G+. So my engagement there is much much less compared to Google+. I’ve started being active on Pinterest and Twitter quite recently as an experiment to combine other networks to my Google+ activities. About Facebook, I really don’t have that much money to pay them just to show my posts to my own friends. So.

What’s the content I share on Google+?

Basically I share everything I write in my blog to Google+. I tend to bring a new blog post every week and sometimes I publish other bloggers’ content in my blog. I also create infographics every now and then. I share all these to my Google+ circles.

Now, how do I share my posts? Well, this is an important thing.

Here comes the one key ingredient many bloggers are missing to attract readers…

People often say, it’s the content what attracts people. Well, content is a part – you need something interesting to invite people to your blog, right? But that alone can do nothing. I know people who create wonderful content but have no attention or readers. I’m an ordinary blogger with limited skills, especially my linguistic abilities and I don’t share great content. I share things I find interesting or things that I experience, which I believe, may help others too.

So, if great content alone is the case how do I get any traffic?

Definitely it’s not necessary to have an ability to create extra ordinary content to build audience. You just have to be yourself and share things you’d like your audience to read.

So what’s the one thing that attracts people??

It is the presentation, my friend :-) That’s what made you reach this post.

I create interesting graphics along with my blog posts. And sometimes I create exclusive graphics for Google+ just to share my posts on Google+. If you take a look at my other posts, you can see that the pictures within some of them are not the same I’ve shared on Google+. Believe me, the entire social media is moving towards to a more visually based platforms.

If you would like to know the 9 elements of my Google+ posts, take a look at this infographic: How to create a perfect Google+ post.

When do I share?

I don’t really think there’s a specific time to share posts on Google+. The perfect time to share your posts is the time you think it’s perfect. Yes, that’s how it is. It’s a global network. Some part of the world is awake every time. I have shared posts in all days in different timings. There was no big difference in response and most of them did really well. But my posts on Fridays do get some extra attention for some reason.

I also share my posts to related Google+ communities where I’m an active member. A few things to remember while sharing your posts to communities are, do not post the same content simultaneously to multiple communities. That’s spamming and you may get banned. Don’t just share your posts and leave, make sure you interact with others’ posts. That’s how a community works. If you keep sharing content without actually engaging to the community, the response will not be so good. One last thing is, always follow the community guidelines.

Be responsive and respect your readers

If you check my posts, I rarely miss to answer any comments. I love interacting with my readers and that’s what make them visit the blog again. Never miss to answer their questions. It’s a good thing to be helpful. Create a good relationship with your readers and maintain it. That will get you hundreds of returning visitors.

Use Google+ Comments System

Google+ Comments PluginI’d recommend everyone to switch from your default comments to Google+ comments. My posts are getting more engagement and comments after the change. And the G+ comments system would also work like a traffic builder for you. When a person leaves a comment, it would also be shared on their Google+ stream. That does a fantastic help to bring more people to read your blog (they may decide whether or not to share their comments on Google+ though).

Know your best posts and show it to your readers inside your other posts

This is a brilliant strategy to get more from your traffic and make your visitors remember your blog. Make sure you mention other important and related posts within your post content. You can also give a related posts link at the end of your article. This can encourage your readers to stick around and read more posts to have a better understanding of your blog.

Google is now looking at what people like to visit and read, that’s the new SEO. If a lot of people from social platforms, especially from Google+ visit your site and talk about it via +1s, shares and comments, definitely that’s going to improve your blog’s search engine visibility too.

So, if you’re not using Google+, you’ve no idea what you’re missing. See you on Google+ and have a great day!

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  1. All very commonsense and helpful Mervik, but have you found away of monetizing this to earn an income from all you hard work? (I ask because while I’ working on it I still haven’t quite got an answer :)).

  2. Great one Mervik, is this entire post an embedded G+ post? Or did you just embed the comments and if so, how?

    Thanks, Phil

  3. Peter Kanayo says:

    Mervik thanks for sharing this tips. Haven’t been active as I should be on Google plus and I can see it in the plus one and comments.

    However with this post I hope to practice some idea that will certainly boost my engagement on the platform.

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