How To See Your Google+ Posts’ Organic Search Performance

Google+ offers fantastic networking opportunities and brilliant audience to those who contribute to the community by being original and helpful. Because of this fact, I’m careful when I add posts to my Google+ stream, I consider it more like a professional blog.

As I’ve mentioned in an earlier post (How to manage Google+ circles), your public posts will be visible in Google search results for related keyword searches. The screenshot below shows one of my Google+ posts in Google search results.

Well, I can’t guarantee you that if you make a post on your Google+ profile instead of your blog, that’d rank better in search results. But yes, there are chances. For example if you’re maintaining a highly engaging Google+ presence, if you’re being an authority, your Google+ posts may do better in SERPs.

Google+ Posts Analytics

If it’s within Google+, there are a couple of ways to see the performance metrics of a post.

Post Ripples: This shows how far a post got shared on Google+. To see a post’s ripples click on the arrow that appears on the top right corner of your post and click on ‘view ripples’.

Number of views: When you make posts on Google+ with a picture, you can see the total number of times the picture has been viewed. This can be considered as a good metrics too. To see the number of views, simply click on the picture. A screen similar to the one given below should appear on click.

Now, how to see your Google+ posts’ search positions, impressions, clicks, CTR etc.?

Normally, we use Google Analytics to see the performance of posts and articles we share in our blogs and websites, isn’t it? But as Google+ is a social platform, we can’t use the same tool to see the statistics.

To view the organic search performance of your Google+ posts, you’d need to use Google Webmaster Tools. One thing to remember is, it will not only show your Google+ posts, it would also show analytics of all the content (contributing websites and blogs you’ve listed in your Google+ profile) for which you are the verified author.

Visit, and sign in (no separate account is required, your Google account will work)

If you are new to Webmaster Tools, take a look at this video.

After signing in, click on the ‘Labs’ link that appears in the left menu. There you can see ‘Author stats’ and click on it or simply visit this url:

This page will show search statistics for pages (including your Google+ posts) for which you are the verified author.


You can see the number of impressions, clicks, click-through-rate (CTR) and average ranking position of your posts in Google search results etc.

You’re given options to filter your results by Search type, Location and amount of traffic received. You can also change the order of results by ascending or descending to see what you’re looking for.

One feature I’d love to have here is an option to separate statistics of Google+ posts and those I make on the sites outside.

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