What Is Google Plus? What Do ‘Humans Of Google+’ Think About It?

What is Google PlusWhat is Google+? Why do you need to use it? In simple words, Google+ is Google. If you’ve been watching it closely, you’d know it. Have you seen the recent G+ comments integration with YouTube? Or the new Google+ Post Ads? Yes, Google is slowly integrating it’s social layer with every other services and products. I’d say, Google+ is built for people to let them follow their passions. It isn’t for any particular niche, but it’s for everyone. You don’t have to fake as something to gain more attention and build audience. Google+ let’s you shine for being yourself; for being original. And that’s the best thing about Google+. Last week I requested my circles to share what they think about the platform and here’s what the Humans of Google+ got to say.

In few words: Google+ is Google, the glue that unifies all Google products to create a G ecosystem. Denis Labelle.

The simplest way I can describe the difference between Facebook and Google Plus is that while Facebook helps you to keep in touch with the people you already know, Google+ helps you to get in touch with the people you want to know.

Google+ is a world full of interesting subjects and phenomena, where you can have meaningful discussions with folks from around the globe and Hangout with friends or interesting G+ celebrities / strangers, where you learn something new every day and where it’s easy to strike up acquaintances – or even become new friends – with the most unlikely people.

I call Google+ “my ever changing window to the world” for a good reason:

It doesn’t mean I just stay on the computer all day, but I’ve had a chance to meet and befriend people from all over the world through Hangouts and post commenting, without leaving my home in a small town.

For the newcomers to Google+ the place might look like a desert. Your stream is empty, your friends haven’t joined in, the whole place feels strange and even its UI is a bit baffling. Like a new mobile phone, right?

Add people, join communities, engage in conversations, post in Public and use the search to look for your interests and like minded folks.

For many who have become active, Google+ has already changed from desert to dessert… . Jaana Nyström, http://www.gplusexpertise.com.

To me Google+ is a place where one can meet global strangers, develop and nurture lasting relationships, with those new friends, by engaging with them via commenting on posts or just simply hanging out.

It also allows one to share one’s passion with those new friends. The platform also encourages deep collaboration that often lead to some great and often beneficial projects for the community at large.

Personally, this space is allowing me to constantly grow as an individual. I’m always learning new things, and continuously fascinated by level of ‘giving’ from the from those global friends. I also enjoy resharing their knowledge to my network which will ultimately make G+ a global collective with rich content, smarter people and life-long friends :) Larry Fournillier, http://www.helpoutschef.com.

We would say Google+ is much more that a social network, it is what Google will be in the future.

Since more and more Google services are being integrated with Google+, we will see soon the power of combining all the Google services.

The long-term strategy will have more than connecting people in the focus. It’s probably more about analyzing any information in the web and be able to choose which is information is relevant for which person.

What we think Google+ is, what Gill Andrews suggested, without Google+, there won’t be any circles to count. CircleCount, http://www.circlecount.com.

FB is the redheaded step child of G+ and Linkedin is the old, grouchy grandpa (no offense to any grandfathers out there). G+ is a community that truly integrates the feeling and value of what being a community really is. You can meet people from all over the world, engage and share with little to no issues that you would have on the other platforms. G+ is definitely not a place to “spam” your business links, but yet the community is open to supporting each other in their business endeavors. You can create stronger and deeper relationships much faster than you can on other modes of social media. There is more value based content available on G+ and it is encouraged and recommended to share other’s content and to even curate it.

The SEO benefits of G+ far outweigh any other platform and G+ is definitely the platform to increase visibility and essentially your income. I’ll let someone more technically inspired speak on this.

I love G+ as it has allowed me to spread my wings in social media and share these benefits with friends and associates that are looking to expand their relationships. In the end G+ is a relationship marketing platform with awesome content and incomparable SEO benefits. Lany Sullivan, www.socialmediago2girl.com.

From a marketing standpoint it is by far superior to the other networks we have used. Combine that with the SEO and networking impact Google+ has and it becomes a no-brainer for any individual, company or business. Heitz Digital, LLC helps small businesses with their online presence and Google+ is always our first stop whether they are a local shop or not. Charles Heitz, http://www.heitzdigital.com.

G+ is more than just a Social Network, ‘it’s feast for content curators’. Paolo FABRIZIO, www.socialmediascrum.com.

I often made the “City” analogy between FB and G+. G+ is the new virtual city where everyone is moving because it’s trendy, cool and free. A city governed by Google with all the ” tools” given to each citizen to build his/her own house. Tools like hangouts, communities, helpouts. Virtual only? Not really.

Consider the impact your presence in G+ has in the author ranking system implemented with the Google search engine visibility you get when your posts get “plussed” or reshared by others.

If you become a G+ expert chances are that business that are opening to this new way of communicating will look for your expertise because they do not have the time and the know how to do it on their own thus opening new perspectives for online employment in the near future.

Like all the beautiful trendy novelties G+ is not “perfect”. There are features that need to be implemented like the “old thorn” of notifications who have been, in my opinion, one of the few features that never really worked well. Can we complain? Sure. G+ listen to suggestions and feedback from its users and that is what makes this platform still the most interesting place to spend your time in a creative way.
As I like analogies so much, each user is a small grain of sand composing the G+ “Beach” everyone is important, no one is essential. The best way to enjoy this platform is to use it with passion and fun, like a huge global virtual game. Pio dal cin, www.codognetreviso.com.

Google Plus is changing the way people see their world. It is a land of opportunity, filled with inspiration and populated by some of the most interesting and creative minds on Earth. There are no borders or boundaries – and everyone is welcome.

On Google Plus, you will control your own destiny; your unique experience will depend upon your interests, your goals and the level of commitment you are willing to make in order to build relationships with others. Christine DeGraff.

I have to say, Google+’s impact on people is so profound, its done away with the need for the old school traditional forums with it’s communities, and unlike anywhere else, the platform provides the tools necessary for people to connect with others quickly based on their personal interests. It’s essentially an interest based network, thumbs up for G+! Daniel Imbellino.

“Google+ helps you get in touch with people you want to know” I would add that Google+ has broke down most barriers to build relationships with others. Whether across town or on the other side of world. Troy mc laughlin.

I haven’t been using Google+ for a long time, but it has really made its way into my heart. What I like about it: it is quite intuitive and user-friendly. The circle option is absolutely great, as you can organise the content as you wish.

As opposed to Facebook where the relationship has to be reciprocal – two people need to enter the relationship – on Google+ I can follow interesting people without expecting anything in return. I mean, I may have an interest in infographics let’s say and I want to see what someone in this field has to say (or rather show), why should they also follow me if they have no interest in languages, translation and literature (things I usually share)? I really love this feature.

The fact that there is no character limit to what you post means you can actually have an entire article/debate without the need to just put a link to another article you’d like to discuss.

I haven’t really used the Hangouts feature to its full potential, but I’ve seen what it can do and I think it’s brilliant.

Have I mentioned I ♥ Google+? Alina Cincan, Inbox Translation.

I believe that Google Plus is the most valuable place in the world because people share their most valuable asset….TIME.

In that aspect it levels the playing field. People truly only have one common asset and that is TIME, which is so valuable. This is a place where people share it. Here at G+ people give the gift of their time. It is real, and it is spectacular! Adam Levine.

My only frustration with G+ is that so few of my friends are on it or accept it. I hate Facebook and use Twitter mostly to interact with TV and sports. I have thought that perhaps G+ is the awesome network it is because those who bother me most on Facebook are there and not here lol. Michael Gore.

For me, Google+ is the best social space for forming new relationships and connecting with people you did not already know. Communities are the best place to share content, ideas and discussions with others who are equally passionate about your choice of topic.

I also find that G+’s structure makes it the best place to market content. Tweets (unless endlessly retweeted & Favorited) are quickly lost under the barrage of noise on that network, as are Facebook posts.

G+’s slicker and more recent design makes it much easier to search for content of interest and the fact that G+ posts will soon take a larger role in traditional search (can be found in SERPs) will only increase their value for content marketing.

I should also add, that unlike the other networks, G+ is much wider spread and all-encompassing. Its recent appearance in YouTube comments is just the tips of the iceberg.

Things like reviews, recommended products and results based on historic search and Circles are becoming more and more personalised thanks to Google+. Results authored by people in your Circles will appear higher in SERPs and, as I mentioned before, Google+ posts are starting to appear within SERPs too.

Google is trying to take social networking to the next level. It isn’t so much a ‘network’ as a ‘layer’ across the whole web. I can only imagine what direction this will take when Google Glasses really take hold! Simon Green.

For me, Google+ is all about Quality.

Quality content. Quality interactions. Quality engagement (when I do it right, still learning). Quality people. Quality tools.

No other platform gives you the ability to develop meaningful relationships with people so easily.

I have learned a tremendous amount in a short period of time here. I have made many new friends here. 140 character constraints can not compete. Jason Frasca.

Google+ is amazing platform and there are some top notch comments on here about the attributes. Very interesting.

I’m enjoying Google+ more as I learn to use it better. Takes time to absorb it all and getting the hang of it. I like the fact that people help each other and can ask questions which are replied by ‘experts’ or ‘know-how-people’. Friendly and a great place to make awesome connections. However it’s still a bit tricky for me to not let myself being distracted too much by posts that fascinate me and keeps me from getting on with what I’m supposed to do! Ecouter Om.

Google+ feels different. It’s doesn’t really have a Facebook feel (no pokes and game invitations) AND the stuff you share isn’t hidden from people who have circled you. It’s a nice mix of valuable and interesting (and funny) content. The thing that really sets it apart is Hangouts — free, super fun, super easy, and a great value add. Deb Lee.

G+ is the great equalizer for early adopters. It’s the place that seamlessly merges search and content. What we create content about will be more easily found using Google search. That’s a plus for any business that embraces G+

The questions I always ask people that have not come across to G+ yet and are still fully engaged on another platform is…

“What is the beginning point for finding all of their content on other platforms? “. The answer is Google. Everyone starts with Google to find content no matter where it resides. Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest or whatever.

Since this is true, I can easily see a day when Google will decide to show its own platforms’ results before any of its social competitors and when that day comes, early G+ adopters will reap the social rewards. Keith Caldwell, Www.SuperGPlusMan.com.

While Facebook is all about getting yourself connected to friends and family, +Google+ is all about making new friends and finding other families. This is a place where community and cooperation reign supreme and although individuals can get recognition and attention, the purest attraction of G+ is the feeling of involvement in whatever you pursue. Rich Garner.

For me G+ is for learning. The social aspect on learning is that you can ask people, engage with new people with different expertise, all in an easy way! In 4 words: Quality, Identity, Authority, Trust. 4 things that you rarely see in online world especially social media nowadays. Krisnadi Wicaksono.

I like how it’s easier to share with who want to. I find it easier to act how I want to and how I really am. It feels more private but it can be as public as you want if you choose so. It’s easier to use on mobile devices and doesn’t feel clumsy to use like Facebook or twitter which operate better on a computer. The ui looks a lot better and I did notice with that Facebook update a while ago, Google+ already did a lot of that and looked a lot like that. Its also extremely easy to multitask on with a computer being able to use right from the notification in almost every corner of Google. Gabe Tinge.

Google plus is a great social media platform, but works best when used in conjunction with other platforms such as your blog, other social media platforms or web sites that are topic specific.

To get the most out of G+ one must remember to ensure that your posts are made to the public. This is an important factor that many who are concerned about privacy issues tend to forget, especially some Google Plus community owners who have large community bases, but extremely poor search engine performance, as the SERP’s (Search Engine Results Pages) are dependent on the security settings of posts and subsequent shares. Persons who were not included in the original post WILL NEVER find the post when they search, no matter how hard they try.

The G+ environment is huge, and the recent inclusion of YouTube comments within G+ and the related G+ comments within the once walled garden of YouTube has added tremendously to the total Google Plus environment.

The fact that HOA’s (Hang Out on Air) are included in YouTube for later replays, but visible live in the G+ stream is also something that needs a bit of attention from a marketing perspective, as this is a truly powerful tool, that allows for instant communication channels, much like live TV, that can reach an untold audience with a little pre planning and marketing via a unique #hashtagmarketing effort. You can choose to watch the live talk show in YouTube or in your G+ stream, and the comments are kept live in both platforms so the talk show hosts can keep abreast of the “OFF AIR” conversation and bring the relevant comments directly into the talk show if they so desire.

This makes G+ such a powerful communication tool. It would be appreciated if you could stress this fact in your article. The power of G+ as a communication tool is something that is totally neglected and never truly discussed by the experts.

The power of hashtag marketing when using G+ and YouTube as a team is truly beyond the belief of most marketers, so this is not discussed as it seems unbelievable. Frank Gainsford, http://4ubrand.blogspot.com.

For me Google+ is about making new friends, whereas Facebook is about connecting with old ones. What I like about Google+:

1. Clean, simple, uncluttered UI that’s super image-friendly.

2. No ads.

3. Communities: Communities are probably my favorite feature of G+. They allow people with like interests to connect and share ideas directly, filtering through the noise. I belong to several. Some are business related. Some are hobby/interest related. They’re a great way to connect with new people. In fact, I’m pretty sure that’s how we connected, Mervik – through a social media community.

4. Demographics: The G+ demographics are nice. Folks who actively us G+ have a college degree and make $40k/yr. on average. Not sure what Facebook and Twitter are, but I’m pretty sure the mean is nowhere near what it is with G+. So the conversations, ideas, images, and information in general being shared on G+ are of a higher caliber by nature of it’s mean users. Mike Poynton, http://paradisesocial.net.

As opposed to other social networks, Google Plus allows me to interact with others of similar interests in a way that is not limited by content restrictions or pre-exisiting conditions. I have met so many people that face the same challenges, have the same goals for themselves, and have created unique opportunities for myself as well.

It truly has broadened my world and those I know in it. Matt Hebberd.

G+ (and only G+ here) is whatever you want it to be. It’s a show place for your stuff. It’s also a place to post all your kitten & puppy pics and awesome photos.

Wanna discuss (ok, argue) about politics? Science? Social Media? G+ is great for that, too. It does notifications and tags better than FB, which makes it a bit easier to keep up with the argument (discussion.)

If used properly you can build a name for yourself and your stuff. It can create a buzz around your site and I think it does that better than FB, given the way it’s structured.

I think it’s more intuitive than the others, or maybe I just read more “how to G+ stuff,” which makes it easier to build connections and keep up with people and groups. I think it’s more fun.

It’s also has the potential to be huge, with Google wrapping all its properties together. Do anything on Google and you have immediate access to your G+ page and notifications. That’s gotta help with keeping up with stuff, right?

And if you just want to place to put all your dessert pics, and mostly keep them to yourself, it can be that, too. :) Greg Mee, http://gotwarcraft.com.

(1) As the newest of the really large social networks, Google Plus is the one that has learned from the mistakes and limitations of the others. It therefore has an interface that is better and more powerful, a better look-and-feel, and more ways to do more things.

(2) It’s by far the most powerful network in terms of allowing users to regulate and fine-tune their streams. By managing circles, you design precisely the experience you want to have — not the experience others want for you.

(3) Google Plus is the only social network that is not a website. This profoundly differentiates it from (for example) Facebook. It creates a different culture — one that’s especially noticeable for anyone who owns or designs websites. Here’s what I mean:

Facebook, gigantic as it is, is nothing more or less than a website. That’s all it is. That’s all it ever will be. And this means that if you have a website too, then you are Facebook’s competition. The entire rest of the web, singly and collectively, is Facebook’s competition. Facebook would therefore prefer that you not have a website. If you must have one anyway, Facebook wants it to fail, and will do everything it can to facilitate that failure. Because Facebook is set up to benefit in direct proportion to the death of its competition.

Google, however, is not a website. Google has a website, or rather dozens of websites. But “a website” is not what Google is. Google is first and foremost a way of searching and navigating the web. Google therefore depends for its very existence on a thriving, robust web. Thus the more your website grows and flourishes, the more Google benefits. The more the web as a whole flourishes, the more people need Google, the more (and better targeted) ads Google can run, the more places it has to display those ads (thanks to Adsense and other programs).

Google, in short, has designed itself (including Google Plus) such that its success hinges on your success. As a result, it will help you promote your website (if you have one) in ways no other social network can even approximate — Facebook least of all. (Detailed specifics on request!) Gary Matthews, GaryMatthews.com.

Google plus is formatted to include facebookers, tweeters, tubers, bloggers and mlm groups from all genre its Google.com way of capitalizing on an already flooded market eventually when there is enough data there will be updates and patches for better service and provisions. John Rutene.

Great platform for businesses and more important because of the SEO value it is believed to have. Even though there are different opinions about this factor, Google plus is really a big tool to promote your business – especially local businesses. Jeenfer Wilson.

Google+ is one part of Google’s attempt to thoroughly dominate and control the vast majority of online user experience, replacing Facebook as the dominant social hub. Phil Evermore.

Google does not create content. Everything revolve around search and DATA. Google plus is not a social network, it’s a data collection network, how you use Internet, what you like, what you share. The Google plus sign in button is a way to track you on other websites also. Content creators, publishers etc. can’t avoid it because everything is tightly integrated with SEO. Your site is not important anymore but the Author value you create about your Google plus profile. More credible you are, your profile on Google plus, the content you create in your blog or website will also be given more weight. Pravin Vibhute.

Google+ is a great platform in which to connect with great folks that love to share valuable content. The power of Hangouts is huge from the point of view of user engagement which is key in Google’s SEO strategy. Obviously I have given up on trying to convince friends about its potential. The funny thing is that living in Italy since 1992 I have seen the pattern of adoption for a platform suffer a similar fate. Nobody cared about Facebook till its implementation in Italian. Here Facebook is huge so I find that the shift in momentum has still to occur if it will at all.

Needless to say I love the platform. Another key issue is that I am on the lookout for the G+ logo on TV ads and notice that they are rarely indicated. Nazim Beltran.

I’d like to thank all of you for sharing your thoughts and helping me build this very interesting article. :-)

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  1. Santhosh says:

    Very well compiled. I had seen your wall message on G+ before this compilation, but this has come very well even beyond my imagination. Good to see many narration about Google+ and differences people are finding with other social networking sites like FB, twitter. I even started my Google+ interaction very recently and enjoying it now, than the interaction had in FB.

  2. Phillip Dews says:

    Hi Mervik,
    Great an awesome post buddy there are some great nuggets here!
    I admit though that I read most of what people have said about Google+ and loved what Denis Labelle had said about it!
    I am slowly falling in love with this social network and it’s making Facebook look a little more dated!
    One of my best friends and top blogger Ryan Biddulph has just joined this community which I have been telling him to do for a while now.
    Thanks again for this epic share dude!
    – Phillip Dews

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