Are You an Honest Blogger?

How many times have you sat there at your computer trying to think of something to write…


Honest blogging tipsAn idea pops into your crazy head that you think for a moment that you could talk about XYZ and your experience with it, but it’s a little raw, maybe a little off the cuff and quite possibly could show just how human you really are. Then the feeling of discomfort follows by thoughts of “What will people think?”

In a matter of minutes or maybe even seconds you have turned around and talked yourself out of it.

If you are one of these people (I know I have been at one time or another), then guess what, you’re human. However, the question remains, were you honest with your audience when you shared your story?

I’m not going to tell you how to be honest in your posts, I’m simply going to share with you some lessons I’ve learned about connecting honestly with my people.

Honest Blogging Lessons

If I think it’s funny, other people will too. It is your responsibility to share your funny story in a way that is appropriate and humorous.

The Broadway Hit, Avenue Q has it quite right, “Everyone is a little bit racist sometimes.” Thus it’s your responsibility to use your words in a meaningful way so your message isn’t lost or shames people. Because no matter where you come from or how well rounded or cultured you are; we all have a bias.

Don’t try to be perfect, perfection only leads to stress and more mistakes.
If you don’t know what to say, say so. No one expects that you will know everything.

When you post, remember, those words will
forever be tattooed on the skins of the internet super highway; they will also always be linked back to you. Choose wisely but always speak from your heart.

Passion isn’t a buzz word; it’s a real thing. When you experience it, it will fill you up and boil over into everything you do.

For more tips like this and to increase your ongoing blogging knowledge, come by every Wednesday for Blog Notes and get some hands on, super awesome content or visit the community and start building whatever you dream of doing today!

Happy Blogging!

Martiel BeattyMartiel Beatty is a business coach, fiber artist, expert blogger, author of Blog Notes, and GIMP Wizard. She is the founder of Sewmantra and Amazing Success Academy. As a Business Coach for Artists’, she works with individuals with all skill levels and talents to achieve their dreams of having successful creative lives and businesses. She holds degrees in Anthropology, French and Drafting and has been working in fiber arts since 1986, graphics since 1998 and Social Media and blogging since 2000. She lives and works in her home studio just outside Washington, D.C. on the Western Shore of the Chesapeake Bay.

Now, Let's Have Some Discussion

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  1. Kumar Gauraw says:

    Hi Martiel,

    Wow! This is really awesome stuff! Short, concise and absolute truth! What I like the most about the post is, the tips are very practical and everybody can relate to this.

    Thank you for sharing!


  2. Bias is a good thing, when handled and accepted in the right way. Aside from the fact that it can be used to protect you in certain circumstances, for bloggers a careful use of bias in a post shows where interests lie, and also invites discussion with people of other opinions. Discussion enlivens a blog post, and makes blogging all the more worthwhile.

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