How to Strategize and Profit from a Press Release?

Whether you are an online marketer, an offline marketer or a business owner, one of these 3 will probably suit you.

#1) Traffic, Social, and everything about traffic!

There’s a saying, “If you can get traffic without relying on Google, you will soon be ranked high”. This is the reason why I have always

Press release distribution

Press release distribution, a fine marketing strategy

emphasized Search Engine Marketing as opposed to getting obsessed with SEO. SEM means getting traffic via multi-channel marketing. We do a lot of that. We drive traffic using different strategies: forum discussions and sharing, Quora and answers sites, Facebook, Twitter, using Info graphics, Pinterest, FourSquare, and even kindle. And we often combine these to generate long lasting viral effect. For example, we did an info graphic, run a press release campaign about it, and have it linked to our ebook for list building, also promoted social sharing. The result, more than 500+ pins, a fresh list of customers and over hundreds of bloggers republishing our info graphic, giving us the best organic backlinks ever.

#2) SEO and Link Building

Press Release is one of the best vehicle for link building. It’s that good because you get backlinks from authority sites that republish your press release. We have been using press release for SEO purposes since like 3 to 4 years ago. I shared about this 2 years ago in a book, results were amazing. Chad got over 1,400 backlinks within a month. Few earned money right off a press release (me too), and way too many of them got first page ranking after few PR campaigns. Google is indexing more and more news sites, even developed Meta Keyword for News, so what does this tell us? Pretty clear :) Press Release is gaining attention.

#3) Offline Consultation and Media Management

Apparently, most of the customers buying our Press Release wire service are submitting press releases on behalf of their clients. I have been told the charges are lucrative. The beauty of our press release wire is that we give our customers a Clipping report that will show the top 100 Medias that have published their press release, including CBSNews, Houston Chronicles, Wall Street Journal and more. If you have some offline clients, start offering them Media Management service. Write a press release for them, submit it and give them a report. Let them see their name in CBSNews, Wall Street Journal and more! Your press release also reaches the major newspapers and radio stations, as well as 30,000 journalists hungry for stories!

Daniel TanDaniel Tan has recently started a new Press Release Newswire,,  which includes the PRMediaList which covers more than 250 Premium Media Partners in addition to social and journalist coverage. Daniel Tan has also founded in 2010 to promote and provide a step-by-step approach to work on On-Page SEO for all WordPress users. SEOPressor has since been voted as the best top SEO plugins for WordPress by few reputable sites including SitePoint.

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