9 Elements Of A Perfect Google Plus Post

Do you know how to optimize your Google+ posts to receive maximum exposure and visitors?

perfect Google plus post

Nine elements behind a perfect Google plus post

Everybody wants their posts to get better attention, user engagement and traffic. Here are the 9 key strategies I follow to bring maximum engagement to my Google+ posts. Posts that received the best interaction, +1s, comments and reshares are those where I presented the content with an image. Genuine case studies, interesting facts, helpful marketing tips and infographics do very well on Google Plus network.

Okay, now let’s see how to make that perfect post on Google Plus.

Give An Interesting Story:  Post good topics that people love to talk about. Interesting stories and creative ideas bring excellent user engagement and people tend to share it. It’s better not to post useless stuff just for the sake of posting something.

Create Convincing Post Titles: It is very important you optimize your titles for your readers and followers not for search engines. Make sure your titles express your posts. 8 to 10 word titles are the best.

Meaningful Post Content: It is very important to have a carefully written description with your post even if you are posting an image, website link or the post is a reshare. I assume Google+ posts come in between micro-blogging and blogging. It is best to have a minimum of 50 words in the post content.

Format Your Content: You can format the text to bold *bold text*, italic _italic text_ and strike-through -strikethrough text-

Include A Picture: A picture is worth a thousand words and that’s exactly why images are the top shared content on social media. Having an image in your post doubles your post’s visibility too.

Always Include A Website Link: This is one of the wonderful things Google+ offers. You don’t have to share something as a link to contribute all the +1s to the URL. Even if you share an image, event or text post, all the G+ activities like +1s, reshares etc. would be credited to the link included in the body.

Give Credit to Other Users: It is so good to mention names of other Google+ users for their contribution within your posts. This will also notify them and encourage them to interact.

Be Engaging: It’s not a good practice to simply post and leave. Respond to the comments and questions. This doubles post activity and users tend to be active on your future posts too as they feel noticed and appreciated. Appreciate the reshares; this brings you even more exposure and followers.

Include Hashtags: Add relevant keywords as hashtags to your posts. I strongly recommend ‘not to include hashtags’ within the post description. That interrupts the flow of reading. Present them at the end of the post and limit to three; overusage maybe annoying.

This is a summary I’ve come up with after studying what worked best for me and also by analyzing some of the best posts on Google Plus made by other users. Please let me if there is something that I’ve missed or something you’ve experienced better than what I recommend here. I’m working on an infographic for the same and your valuable feedback and corrections would help me bring a perfect one. Thank you.

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  1. Gill says:

    Thanks for the great tips. I had no idea one can format the content! I would also add the time of the post as an important factor. If you post in a community over 55000 members after 2 am, you can be sure by the time most of the 55000 wake up your post will be way too down in the roll. Speaking from my huge experience of one month on G+ ;) To my defense, it was not 2 am for me. I just didn’t realize the majority of the G+ users are US based.

    • Mervik Haums says:

      I totally agree with you, Gill. The time of your posting is important too. But we can’t really find the exact time, especially if you have followers from every country. You know.. :-)

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