Royalty Free Cartoon Characters For Your Blogs And Social Media Posts

Hello there, I guess you’ve seen the announcement I’ve made a few days back about a graphics project; i.e. to design a package of fresh, free and attention grabbing cartoon characters to color your blog posts and social media shares. Today, I’m glad to inform you that we’ve completed the entire designing process and have some pretty, funny, attractive and meaningful images – a set of wonderful cartoon characters to make your websites, blogs and social profiles more appealing and highly engaging.

The project – what is it?

As you’d know, eye-grabbing images is a key component to gain more visibility and build traffic. If you flip through my blog pages or check my Google+ stream, you can see the impact of images in my content marketing strategies. Yes, social media is more visually based now. And everybody wants to do the same. I’m sure, every blogger and marketer would love to have fantastic images within their content to make more people visit their sites and social profiles. That’s what made me think of doing this. What I had in my mind at first was to design half a dozen of different characters and share it here to the blog readers and my Google+ friends, thinking that’d be fun.

But, when I shared this idea on Google+, the response was HUGE, hundreds of people showed interest in using images without being bothered of copyright infringement. And many of my friends informed me that they would even like to buy such wonderful images, as they’d need a visual boost to upgrade their blogging and social media strategies. It was more like they were all waiting for something like this. So I had to change my initial plans to make it really effective and that transformed a fun project to a pretty useful one.

…and we’ve decided to create MORE characters and action poses.

Yes, now the package has 17 completely different action poses of 5 fresh and gorgeous cartoon characters. And you get them all for ABSOLUTELY FREE of cost. NO STRINGS ATTACHED AT ALL.

Here’s a sneak peak of what you get :-)

Royalty Free Cartoon Characters

All the images are in high resolution (1000X1500px) transparent PNG format. You can put any background, add any text or whatever you want to include with these.

So the big question – what are my rights for these images?

Like I said above, there are no strings attached at all. You don’t have to credit me for using these images. You don’t need to link back to my blog or name. You don’t even have to mention anything. Just use them.

* You can use these images in any number of (unlimited) websites and blogs.
* You can include these images in banners, flyers, your sales pages, and any other advertisements or websites.
* You can modify the images, change colors, crop etc. according to your requirements.
* You can use these images in any/all social platforms.
* No author credit, link back, mention etc. is required.
* The images are not watermarked either.

What you CAN NOT do: You can’t sell my work to someone else. What you’re given is unlimited personal usage rights. You cannot offer these images to someone else for free or for a price. If your friends would like to have, send them to the Google+ post or give them a link to this post and let them download from the original source. If you’re interested in reselling my work, contact me and we can discuss about it. Fair enough?

You told us about offering a separate and bigger package?

Yes, we’ve also designed a different package for professional marketers, aspiring bloggers and social media experts. The PRO graphics pack has 45 different images of 4 different characters. No, the images and action poses in the free pack and pro are not the same. Three characters are the same but the action poses are completely different. There’s a special lady in the pro package :-) If you’re a professional marketer or going to be one, you can access the images for a small investment of 17 dollars. You know it’s a lot of time and effort. Still I hope that’s not much to ask for. Just to support ourselves and to keep bringing more like these. It’s not necessary that you have to buy it. It’s just an option. You may consider it as a donate button to give us some support for what we do :-)

What if I would like to have both the packages, I mean the free and pro?

You can download the free cartoons set at the end of this post. You may enter your name and email address in the form below and the package of 17 cartoon characters will be delivered instantly to your inbox. As soon as you download the the free characters set, information about the PRO cartoons package will be displayed in the next page, automatically.

Will you be bringing more cartoon characters like these with free usage rights?

I can’t guarantee it now. But I’m definitely interested to work on more graphics. You know, it’s a lot of effort and time. If we get enough support, I will be bringing more – at least one fresh pack every month :-)

Now. Here’s the first set of FREE images. Enter your name and email and click download to give a fresh look to your blog and social posts :-)

I will prepare some background pictures and a few other graphic elements to use with these images. Expect my email later today or tomorrow :-)

You’re most welcome to buy me and my team a coffee for the time and effort we put in by getting the PRO package, which would be displayed next :-) But there is no pressure. Please just download and use them, we’re happy with it :-)

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A proud, blessed and ordinary human being from God's own country. Developer by accident; thinker/writer while wandering (I'm sorry, I do that a lot, lol); photographer while exploring new places; ...and a social media strategist when I'm on Google+ :-)

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4 Responses so far.

  1. Sehr gute, kostenlose und frei verwendbare Figuren! Dankeschön!

  2. VADesiGal says:

    Thank you so much for creative clip art to be used for my blogs and website.

  3. Bill Davis says:

    I’ve tried now with 2 different email addresses to download the graphics, to no avail. Any chance there’s a problem on your end?

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