How to build on-site and off-site SEO Reports like an SEO Expert?

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Learn how to build seo reports!

For any search engine optimization service provider, to begin with – it is necessary to have a clear idea about various seo reports. To be introduced, to show the worth of seo services, to convince the importance of seo in business etc. etc. sending seo reports is something like a mandatory procedure. If you are a seo service provider, sometimes you have to generate several types of seo reports for your client websites (even if you’re not, this is helpful to analyze your own websites). Though this isn’t a difficult task, for clients it is important. Developing a report for any website regarding its on-site seo, off-site seo, keyword analysis or competitor analysis isn’t a big task. We don’t even need to use applications or tools to make this. It is very easy to develop a report manually if you have basic knowledge on seo, and that is the best option. In case if you wish to get it done quickly, there are lots of applications, tools and plugins like seoquake which will help generating information regarding a site’s seo data. Most of the times we may have to send any of the below ‘category’ reports to our clients.

● On-Site SEO Analysis Report
● Competitor Analysis Report
● SEO Analysis Report
● Keyword Research Report

A few free tools that can be found online to generate seo reports are: Using these tools you can simply copy paste the results to a word file, get it edited a little and convert into pdf and send to your clients. It’s just a five minutes job.


By giving the URL of the website (in some applications we can also give the keyword) you wish to get the report to any of such report building tools and in a minute, the seo analysis will be delivered. You can copy the entire stuff to a word file and make relevant changes like removal of certain topics and data according to the requirements to build a seo report. SEO Reports hence generated will be having several parts – you should change it appropriately. For example, you may remove the off-site seo part for an on-site seo report and vice versa. Also the competitor analysis parts are not necessary to be included with in the on-site seo report.

The best way to develop a keyword research report is to utilize Google Adwords keyword tool ( with this we can find out the monthly searches, estimated PPC, competition etc. of any keywords. While developing a keyword research report, make sure that you are not taking all the data covered by the tool. Just take important columns like global monthly searches and ten or fifteen most important keywords related to the niche and build the report in a doc file. It will look more professional than sending a confusing excel sheet. While doing your search on adwords keyword tool, make sure to check the box ‘Only show ideas closely related to my search terms’. While sending the keyword research report try to include a few details about your company or services you have done already and specify the importance of optimizing the keywords and some related information.

Market Samurai and Traffic Traverse (in case if you are looking for a free tool just like Market samurai – this is it) are great options to generate such reports, especially competitor analysis reports. If you use seoquake plug-in (it’s highly recommended by experts if you’re a bit new to the industry. Add this plug-in to your Firefox) it is very easy to do a google search for a particular keyword and copy the data for competitor analysis reports.

A sample report generated by the website grader tool is attached (done for PRC). The invoice template attached can be used for your services by updating it as yourself. Once done, every time before you sent convert it into a pdf file (you may use google docs or to convert doc files into pdf) and send to the clients. That’d look more professional.

The best approach to generate any kind of seo reports is to do half the job manually and half automatically. So that we can deliver reports with the exact information a client is looking for. You may use different tools and combine reports that fulfill the requirements. Not just in SEO, in any business – first impression is the best impression. The best part of an seo report is adding suggestions. Let them know what are the things that can be done in order to improve their current search engine positions. Invite them for a free consultation in case if they would like to know more on it. You can have a short chat on skype or any other IMs regarding it.

I know, several factors are missing. But explaining stuff which is already familiar to all isn’t necessary. In case if you wish to know more about something explained above drop your queries here. I will try to explain it as per my knowledge and experience. So that we can make this a useful and informative post. To get you familiar with more seo factors (of course, its not that necessary if you are good at seo) I have included an seo checklist image with the downloads, which will help you to check if you have pointed everything with the seo report you have prepared.

A sample seo report, an invoice template and a sample keyword research report is attached here.

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