How to Search On Google – Do You Know These Tricks?

Advanced Google Search Queries

We use Google every time we come online to find something. But are you getting the best results? Of course, Google gives you the most accurate and relevant results. But how about making it more accurate and more precise?

Include these symbols and special characters in your search query to bring better search results.

Google Search Strings

A few more symbols that can be used in search to bring more accurate results are:

* (fills in the blank)

Example search query: Google authorship * working (* could be filled with any words like: is, not, stopped and etc.) Pretty useful especially when you forget a word in a phrase or when you are not sure or confused about a search string.

– (prefixing – to a word would exclude that particular word in your search)

Example search query: google authorship checklist -mervik

Normally if you search for Google authorship checklist, my site would be top. But if you include the -mervik (remove query mervik from search results) that won’t be included. This is pretty useful when you do some searches where results from a particular site keeps appearing.. more examples: top 20 movies -imdb, best shoes -amazon and etc.

~ (add this in front of a word in your search phrase to include synonyms in your search result.)

Example search query: how to ~erase history (that would bring you results including the synonyms of erase, like delete, clear etc.)

*.. * (two dots to search number..number)

This is to search for a number range

Example search query: good shoes $50..$100

Now tell me, how many of these search queries did you know? :-)

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