50,000 Visitors A Month From Twitter! No Kidding! [Infographic]

That’s a lot of traffic, isn’t it? Definitely it is. How to build that much traffic from twitter alone? Well, here is an infographic, that answers the most common questions like how to gain more followers on twitter, what to tweet and when, how to turn twitter followers into customers etc.

In this infographic, Neil Patel details how to build traffic from Twitter. Personally, I don’t get more than a few hundred visitors a month from twitter. But he manages to generate over 50,000 visitors a month from Twitter alone to his blogs. Take a look and see if you can grow your Twitter engagement and traffic. Good luck :-)

twitter traffic tricks

CLICK HERE to take a look at the other infographics.

Infographic courtesy: Quick Sprout

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  1. Thomas Owen says:

    Hey Mervik,
    Great post, I love the infographics! I’m relatively new to Twitter but can see how important it is to build a solid following and without doubt an excellent source to drive traffic to your sites.

    Thanks for sharing!

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