Did You Learn These Social Media Lessons In Kindergarten? [Infographic]

Wondering what social media lessons one would have learned from Kindergarten? LOL! Well, the fact is, you DID learn some social media etiquette in your early school days. I’m not joking, guys :-)

Didn’t your mom tell you to play nice with other kids? Didn’t your teachers advise to pay attention to the surroundings? Didn’t they tell you to ask for help when you need it? Oh yeah, now you remember, don’t you?

It is so important for your brand or business to follow certain social media etiquette to build audience and make your time and investment on social media strategies worth. Here is a lovely infographic by Uberflip that explains a basic, but very practical approach we learned as children that can be applied to our social media marketing strategies in 2014.

Social Media Guide 2014

If you prefer to see infographics than traditional articles, here is a list of infographics I’ve shared recently. Click on the image to see the full post.


Infographic source: Uberflip.

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  1. It is so simple, isn’t it. But that’s it we are social creature and social media make it clearer.
    From a child up to grown up we must socialize. Helping each other, respect each other but we must be ourselves.
    Thank you for sharing nice thoughts.

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