History Of Hashtags [Infographic]

Until a few years ago, nobody was using hashtags. But now, with the massive growth of social media platforms, hashtags have become a very important marketing strategy. It’d be a surprise if we find someone who isn’t using hashtags in their every day marketing activities.

Couple of weeks back, I’ve shared an infographic explaining the ‘importance of hashtags in marketing‘. And today, let’s take a look at the history of hashtags. Here’s a fantastic infographic by Offerpop, that shows how a simple symbol has transformed to a fantastic marketing tool in a very short period.

Take a look and share your thoughts.

History of hashtags

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Infographic source: Offerpop.com

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  1. Nice infographic. One milestone I would include would be people hosting #TweetChats using hashtags to connect and discuss topics or Q&A session. I was introduced before 2011 and in my humble opinion that development was more significant and influential that Instagram support. Inviting people to a TweetChat is the best way I’ve found to introduce newbies to meaningful social media engagement. When people began speaking in #hashtag more people were introduced to the use of it by sheer confusion or curiosity.

    I don’t watch TV often so I was surprised when new shows & other media began embracing hashtags to connect to viewers online.

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