Importance Of Internet Safety For Kids

Internet is a great educational resource and there’s no doubt about it. But at the same time, it has millions of websites that could easily grab a child’s attention and mislead him/her. As we know, the number of kids who become victims of cyber crimes increases every day. Especially through the social networking sites.

I just stumbled upon an infographic by Kaspersky labs which explains a lot about what they do online and what can be done to make sure they play safe on the internet. We can find the main activities that could compromise sensitive personal information and need to be monitored in this infographic. This shows how important it is to ensure the internet safety of our kids.

The type and percentage of websites the parental control blocked in a five months period is quite a warning. It shows about 20% of the kids (that is one in every five kids.) tend to surf illegal sites and porn sites from where most of the malwares, viruses and trojans get into the user’s computer to steal personal data.

Most of these activities can be prevented with any default parental control programs available on the web browsers and operating systems. But the first step to ensure your kid’s safety is to make them aware of what’s happening around and what could happen if they don’t be careful with their online activities.

Internet Security Parental Control-Infographic

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