The Beginner’s Guide to Google+ [Infographic]

Dear all, here is my latest infographic, I’ve designed for +Martin Shervington of PlusYourBusiness. A few were saying Google+ Is a Ghost Town. Yes, it definitely can be one; but it is not. The problem is Google+ is not the same social interface people are familiar with. This confuses people and they tend to give up early and blames the platform.

But if you know how to use it, no other social platform can come anywhere near to the potential of it. And this blue print, a beginners guide from the most reliable source, i.e. from Martin Shervington would help you use Google+ perfectly :-)

Hope you enjoy it. Take a look and please share your thoughts. If you are new to Google+, this simple infographic will help you get started.

Beginners Guide Google Plus

Originally shared at PlusYourBusiness

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