What Is Your Website’s Average Ranking In Google Search?

Hi there, have you ever wondered why do Google delivers different results to different people for the same search terms (keywords)? Those who have some experience in SEO would know that the search results displayed on their computer or mobile for a particular keyword will not be the same when someone else from a different place searches for it.

There are several factors that influence a website’s search position across the globe. The results vary depending on the:

User device (PC, Tablet or Mobile)
Time of search
Geographic location of the user
Search type (image, news, places etc.)
Personalized search
User’s search history
Google+ connections of the user etc.

This makes it impossible to find the exact position of your website for a specific keyword. The most accurate and realistic way to know how your website is performing on Google search results is to know its average position.

Take a look at this well crafted infographic by Anchor Wave to understand the average position of Google search results and how your website’s average position is calculated.

Google average ranking

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Infographic courtesy: Anchor Wave Internet Solutions

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