Why You Need To Use Hashtags and How? [Infographic]

What is a #Hashtag?

Hashtags are being used on social media platforms as a way to organize/group content. The best thing about hashtags are, it is more like a keyword search. When you use hashtags, people who are looking for information can locate your posts, even if they are not following/connected to you. It helps you gain excellent visibility on social platforms like Google+, Twitter and Facebook where it’s being used widely.

How to use hashtags?

★ Pick the right keywords as your hashtags that are already doing great.

★ Embedding a lot of hashtags in your post will annoy your audience. The best practice is to limit them to two or three.

★ Create a hashtag that is relevant to your brand. Market it well with your social media posts and make sure you follow it.

★ I’d recommend not to add hashtags inside your content (maybe on twitter because of the character limit). Attach your hashtags at the bottom/end of your post.

Now, take a look at this infographic to see the power of hashtags.

what is a hashtag

Infographic source: HuffingtonPost via Visually

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