Why Google Authorship Is Not Working?

How to setup Google AuthorshipSo, you would like to show your picture in the Google search results along with the title and description of your websites and blogs. First of all, why is that necessary? Because results with the picture of who wrote it get more attention and people would click on it more likely. Studies show the increase of clicks by 150% after adding Google authorship (search results with author picture and G+ profile link). And most of the bloggers are already doing it and if you miss, you’d lose traffic, probably.

Okay. Now how to do it?

Actually my author profile was verified and was showing in results perfectly from the very beginning when the authorship markup became active. But due to some changes I’ve made with my blogs (change of themes and etc.) and because I didn’t care much about it; my blog results started appearing without Google authorship.

So the first thing I’ve done was making sure my G+ profile has my blog in the ‘contributor to’ links section. Then I had to make sure that the email I use on my blog is verified for Google authorship and my blog has the rel=author link back to my Google+ profile.

<a href=”https://plus.google.com/113278879672687636981?rel=author”>Google</a> OR

<a href=”https://plus.google.com/113278879672687636981/” rel=”author”>Google</a>

I tested everything and made sure its perfectly done but my results were not showing up with my profile image.

Why Google authorship markup was not working?

I didn’t know and whoever i asked for some information, didn’t know it either. Because my blog posts were showing a status ‘Google authorship is working fine on your site’ in the Structured Data Testing Tool of Google.

G+ authorship
Then I thought maybe its because Authorship Email Verification isn’t done. So I did test it again.

authorship email verification
But it was working fine. But when I tested the verify authorship feature in the rich snippet tool, it was showing this error:

Email verification has not established authorship for this webpage.
Email address on the lockintraffic.com domain has been verified on this profile: Yes
Public contributor-to link from Google+ profile to mervikhaums.com: Yes
Automatically detected author name on webpage: Not Found.

This was confusing and till now, nobody could answer me correctly for the error “Email verification has not established authorship for this webpage.” because my email shown verified and working. Most of the people told me to ignore this issue as they were having the same error while Google was showing their picture with the search results.

So the next issue: “Automatically detected author name on webpage: Not Found.”

To be very honest, no one could answer this either. Google suggests to have your author byline within your posts; and I have it. Still I get the error. Take a look at the below screenshot.

Author By Line

And the funny thing is, when I test with pages written by my friends within the same blog, their author name was detecting.. Oh man.. I was so damn confused! Screens below.

authorship error

But these all were not the actual issue behind my profile picture wasn’t showing up in the results.

So what was the actual issue?

The actual problem was my old profile picture (which google showed up in the results for sometime) wasn’t a very clear head-shot picture. It wasn’t showing my face very clearly. So I thought to give this a try too. I have made another picture just for my profile with white background and highly detectable colors. Voila! Google started showing my pics in the results.

So what’s the conclusion? If you have a verified email address, proper author links (to and back from your G+ profile to your blog) along with a clear head-shot image, it would show up in the search results in a while. Google doesn’t guarantee it though. Now I should make a small checklist and design another wonderful infographic. No?

P.S. Can you add several websites to your Google plus profiles contributor section..? You definitely can. Make sure your Google plus account and the profiles on the sites where you contribute have the same email. Also make sure your articles have rel=author link to your Google+ profile.

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  1. OMG! I have the same issue too. Haven’t change the head shot image coz I would like to keep it the same over all my social media platforms. Any suggestions?

  2. I have EXACTLY the same issue. In my opinion, Google software has generally become less and less user friendly and getting this to work is just one more example. I think they must only test their code on geeks! The latest version of Adwords is a nightmare, personalized results are backfiring and presenting junk, restricting users from obtaining objective results and they are in such a state of mortal combat with SEO’s they’ve forgotten their mission. I see the search engine industry changing because Google is simply begging for more friendly competitors to come along and steal its audience – and I mean audience – users have been de-balled.
    Google has done much for all of us but I think it’s only its colossal size that’s keeping it on top any more – it’s ripe for kicking off the top-dog spot.

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