9 Free Online Applications You Should Not Miss In 2014 – My Favorites

Thousands of free tools and web applications are available online that ease our marketing efforts. I use a lot of these awesome applications in my day-to-day activities which help me get things done quickly and brilliantly. I’m really grateful to those who developed these tools and made it available online.

I’m sure everyone would have a list of favorite web apps and tools that they use at least once in a week. Here I’m sharing a list of my favorite web applications/services that can definitely help you too.

check your connection speed

1: SpeedTest (http://www.speedtest.net)

Everybody wants to know their internet connection speed and bandwidth, right? Speedtest.net is a free to use web application and serves over three million speed checks every day! I use this online application to check if I’m getting the speed I pay for :-)

2: Pingdom Website Speed Test (http://tools.pingdom.com/fpt)

check your website's load timeI strongly recommend this to every webmaster. Speed of your website is critical factor that affects your search engine ranking. The faster your website loads the better would be your visitor’s experience. Google cares this. You need to know which file causes the delay (if there is any) or how much time for something to load and etc. View file sizes, load times, and other details about every single element of a web page (HTML, JavaScript and CSS files, images, etc.). This is one of the most useful applications on the internet.

3: TinyPng (http://tinypng.org)

how to reduce image sizeI use this website every day. As we can see with the pingdom speed test app (mentioned above); the size of the images you have in your websites is an important factor in your website’s speed. The heavier your images are the slower would be the site load time. This wonderful application helps you shrink your image sizes (png images only) to more than half of its original size without hurting the clarity of the picture. Result? your websites will load faster than ever.

online favicon generator

4: Favicon.ico Generator (http://www.favicon.cc)

Ever wondered how websites show a tiny thumbnail of their logo or a picture in the title bar of the browser? Would you also like to show a cool small icon? That’s called, favicon and you can create one for your website using this site. Favicons of all my websites are generated through this website. Very simple interface, quick and super easy to use.

free mind mapping application

5: Bubbl.us (https://bubbl.us)

Bubbl.us is a simple web-based concept mapping tool. It is free to use and lets you mind map your important ideas and events without have to download or install anything. You can organize your thoughts online with bubbl.us.

Over two million mind maps and flowcharts were created using this awesome, free tool and around one and half million people made use of bubbl.us to brainstorm their ideas.

6: Trello (https://trello.com)

Online Project OrganizerTrello is cool application for people who would like to handle their projects in an organized way (it could be anything; a product launch, marketing campaign, software development, graphics or etc.), especially when you outsource it. In simple words, Trello present your projects and ideas into boards and you can assign your staff or a team member to these boards.

I use Trello for my software projects by adding my developers to the boards. It helps me see ‘what is being worked on, who is working on what, and where something is in a process’.

7: Logotype Maker (http://logotypemaker.com)

online logo creatorThis is a graphics application that you can use to create your website’s logo. It can generate thousands of logos randomly, and most of them would look really professional. But I don’t recommend using this to create logos as there is a chance the same logo design might appear on another website too. I use this more like a place to get ideas for new logo designs.

Enter your brand or website name and press “generate logo”. It will give you as many design ideas and inspirations to make a brilliant logo. There are tons of free designs that you can simply customize and download.

The logo editor gives you a possibility to personalize your logo by changing color, font, shape, size and play with position and effects.

check your websites responsiveness

8: Screenfly (http://quirktools.com/screenfly)

I’d recommend bookmarking this tool to optimize your website to perform great in 2014. The number of people who visit websites from tablets and mobile devices is growing rapidly. It’s very important to make sure your websites are optimized for various screen resolutions.

Screenfly is a fantastic application I use to check the responsiveness of my websites. It allows you to check your website’s preview on various media devices including iPhones, different tablets, other mobile devices and on bigger screens of different screen resolutions. You just need to enter your website address and the application will show you how your website appears in any device you prefer to see. The picture shown in the left is a screenshot of how my blog appears in an iPhone.

9: Feedly (http://feedly.com)

feedly appFeedly is a brilliant way to organize your favorite magazines, news sites, blogs etc. It helps you read and share the content of all your favorite sites in one place. Feedly is pretty simple, you can use one faster interface to go through all the information you’d want to know. You don’t have to visit your fav sites separately. You can also save articles across multiple devices and share them on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ etc. directly.

I haven’t shared any of the wonderful applications built by Google. Google Drive, Analytics, Webmaster Tools etc. are a big part of my IM life. I assume most of you are familiar with those, so not sharing any of them.

Now let me know your list of most useful online applications. Thank you and have a great day :-)

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  1. Max Konitzko says:

    Thanks Mervik, found your advice via G+, will try out those i do not know, looks very good! will follow you on G+ to learn more

  2. Adam says:

    Good article Mervik. These kinds of posts always seem to be pretty helpful for finding new websites and tools. I created a similar article not to long ago where I went out and contacted a lot of social media professionals. The results weren’t exactly what you would call one sided: http://watsonnowlin.com/top-social-tools/

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